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Peaugres Safari
The wild life in Ardeche

The "drive-through park" to be visited in one’s own vehicle, which will take about 3/4 of an hour. The Safari de Peaugres counts about 800 animals whose 170 are in the drive-through park. the "zoological gardens" which take at least 2h to 2h30 to visit and which offer a selection of food & refreshment points and shops. You will then park your vehicle on the parking lot and begin your visit of the zoological gardens. You can, one can visit the park with a camping van or a bus as well as a car! You will encounter impressive animals such as bears and elephants, all the while comfortably seated in your vehicle with windows closed of course!

On your walk you will discover our exotic residents such as the giraffes, sea lions, snakes, monkeys, antelopes, and last but not least, the big carnivores and the small farm animals! You will come across well-known animals (lions, bears, elephants…) but also some lesser known ones (EEP species including lion tamarins, pygmy marmosets, red pandas, bongo antelopes and the extremely rare sika deer from Vietnam…).

At the meeting points, you will be able to talk with the keepers and discover their passion for animals.

To end the day our huge playground JEMBO will make your children feel happy.

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